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Hi there beautiful person! I'm Margo, 15 years young and I live in Belgium, Europe. I love fashion, color, summer and travelling. I hope you enjoy my blog and remember that there's always someone who loves you.

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Margo - 15 years old - Belgium
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have you ever suffered from depression?

Depends on what the definition of depression is, don’t you think? There are so many people who say they’re depressed but that’s just a word. Once you think you ‘have’ it, you’ll see it as your destiny. But depression never is your destiny, you’re never stuck with it. We just want answers and ‘depression’ is the easiest answer. And even tough you really suffer from depression, there’s always a way out, but you have to want it yourself. Oh yes, I have bad days. Sometimes I’m so sad I can’t breath anymore. And sometimes that feeling won’t go away for weeks. And I cry and I hurt myself and I hate and I scream and I shiver. But I also smile and I laugh and I live and I love, and those things sweetheart, I do all by myself. Because I want to, because I chose for a new begin every single day, because I search for keys and I give myself second chances. That’s what everyone should do. And you will never be alone. And when you feel depressed, remember that’s just a word to make you feel like you’re a hopeless piece of shit. And a piece of shit you may be, but hopeless is just your own wrong point of view. And there will always be a way out, I promise.

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